As global citizens its our responsibility at Individual, Collective, Government or Corporate level to help "Save Earth" before its too late

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About is striving to generate public awareness to help the cause of environment through public campaigns, seminars, social gatherings and environmental research. is founded by Dr. Abhinandan Bhardwaj PhD (environment Science) and has been joined by various like minded people, students, professors, scientists and social workers, from Canada and USA. is its official website. We do not accept any donations at the moment whatsoever and is funded personally.

Our Goal

                                  Our Goal at is to reach every citizen in each country around the Globe and generate public awareness  about Earth's environmental problems, suggest solutions, raise funds to carry out research in the field of environment research. We at believe that present environmental problems can not be resolved just by scientific approach alone. We believe that public awareness and involvement, in addition to every Government's commitment is extremely important in meeting environmental goals.  Hence our goal at is to spread this message to public that every individual no matter how rich or poor he or she might be, needs to get involved at individual, community, regional,country to international level in solving these extremely critical global problems. 



Dr. Abhinandan Bhardwaj

Founder - Dr. Abhinandan Bhardwaj's Summarized Profile

Dr. Abhinandan Bhardwaj is a Canadian resident  of Indian origin living in Montreal, Canada. Ever since university days both in India and later in Canada, it was Dr. Bhardwaj’s dream to dedicate all his education, experience and resources towards generating mass public environmental awareness throughout the world and help solve environmental problems through collaborated research. Dr. Bhardwaj is well experienced in various field of environment science and have thorough understanding of most of the global environmental problems. Dr. Bhardwaj educational background includes Masters in Earth Science from Himachal University, Shimla, India and  Ph.D in Environmental Geology from Center of Advanced Studies in Geology Punjab University Chandigarh India and Post Doctorate from McGill University, Canada.  He was one of the four environment scientists sponsored by Government of India for higher studies to European Union, where he carried out EU sponsored Post Doctoral research in the field of ground water pollution at Technical University Denmark, Copenhagen Denmark and Komenskeho University Bratislava, Slovakia. Later he migrated to Canada where he continued his Post Doctoral research in the field of Environmental Science from Dept of Agriculture Engineering and Environmental Science McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He was involved both in teaching and research at  McGill University, as a Research Associate and was later  offered Associate Professorship in  University of Delhi India, before joining an American based multinational consulting company. He has many research publications in the field of Environmental Engineering and Science and has attended numerous international seminars and conferences on global environmental issues. He has over 20 years of international experience as  Researcher, Teacher,  Director, and Senior project manager in various universities such as McGill University Montreal, Technical University Denmark, Commenskeho University Bratislava, University of Delhi, Panjab University Chandigarh and top three consulting companies such as IBM US, Accenture Canada, Deloitte US and has successfully led many projects including some of the top fortune 500 companies such as Nortel Networks USA, Alcatel, Canadian National Railways, Bombardier, AT&T USA,  both in US and Canada.

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