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New report shows provincial action on climate change heating up

QUEBEC CITY Most provinces are stepping up with strong targets and policies to reduce greenhouse gases in the absence of federal leadership on climate change, says a new David Suzuki Foundation.


Extinction risk 'underestimated'
(Jul 3, 2008)

The risk of extinction for many species may have been seriously underestimated, according to new research published in the journal Nature. Current methods used to assess species on the brink overlook some key factors, a team of scientists claims. These include the ratio of males to females in a population, which can have a profound influence on survival.

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Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster'
(Jun 19, 2008)

Arctic sea ice is melting even faster than last year, despite a cold winter. Data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) shows that the year began with ice covering a larger area than at the beginning of 2007. But now it is down to levels seen last June, at the beginning of a summer that broke records for sea ice loss.

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  Global biodiversity slumps 27% in 35 years
(May 13, 2008)

The latest data on the global biodiversity of vertebrates shows that it has fallen by almost one-third in the last 35 years. But experts say it may still underestimate the effect humans have had on global species counts. The Living Planet Index (LPI) follows trends in nearly 4,000 populations of 1,477 vertebrate species and is said to reflect the impact humans have on the planet.

Read more. Source: New Scientist
  Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean
(Feb 24, 2008)

UK scientists working in Antarctica have found some of the clearest evidence yet of instabilities in the ice of part of West Antarctica. If the trend continues, they say, it could lead to a significant rise in global sea level. The new evidence comes from a group of glaciers covering an area the size of Texas, in a remote and seldom visited part of West Antarctica.

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Climate 'clearly out of balance'
(Jan 25, 2008)

The world's climate is "clearly out of balance and is warming", the world's largest society of Earth and space scientists has said in a statement. The American Geophysical Union (AGU) warned that changes to the Earth's climate system were "not natural". Changes in temperature, sea level and rainfall were best explained by the increased concentration of greenhouse gases from human activities, it added.

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  Destruction of rainforest accelerates despite outcry
(Jan 18, 2008)

The destruction of the Amazon rainforest has surged in the past four months, raising the prospect of 2008 being a disastrous year for the world's most important eco-system, a senior Brazilian government scientist has warned. Dr Carlos Nobre, a scientist with a government agency that monitors the Amazon said thousands of square miles of rainforest had been destroyed since October, after four years in which deforestation rates had begun to slow.

Read more.. Source: The Independent



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