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Safety Tips for Hurricanes


Hurricane Action Checklist

Here is an important list of things to consider that could save your life before, during, and after a hurricane.

Stay or Leave?

With the threat of a hurricane, a decision needs to be made whether to evacuate or ride out the storm in safety at home. If local authorities recommend evacuation, leave! Their advice is based on knowledge of the strength of the storm and its potential for death and destruction.

General Tips:

If you live on the coastline or offshore islands, plan to leave.
If you live near a river or in a flood plain, plan to leave.
If you live on high ground, away from coastal beaches, consider staying.

Plans before Hurricane Season (June):

Learn the storm surge history and elevation of your area.
Learn safe inland routes.
Learn location of official shelters.
Determine where to move your boat in an emergency.
Trim back dead wood from trees.
Check for loose rain gutters.
If shutters do not protect windows, store enough boards to cover glass.

When a Hurricane Warning Is Issued for Your Area:

Stayed tuned to radio, TV, or NOAA Weather Radio for official bulletins.
Stay home if your structure is sturdy and on high ground.
Board up garage and porch doors.
Move valuables to upper floors.
Bring in pets.
Fill containers (bathtub) with several days' supply of drinking water.
Turn up refrigerator to maximum cold and do not open unless necessary.
Use phone only for emergencies.
Stay indoors on the downwind side of the house away from windows.
Beware that as the eye of the hurricane passes, increasing winds will follow in reverse.
Leave areas that might be affected by storm tide or stream flooding.
Leave early - in daylight if possible.
Shut off water and electricity at main stations.
Take small valuables and papers, but travel light.
Leave food and water for pets (shelters will not take them).
Drive carefully to nearest designated shelter using recommended evacuation routes.


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