As global citizens its our responsibility at Individual, Collective, Government or Corporate level to help "Save Earth" before its too late

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Things You Can Do To Help environment and Reverse  Climate change

 By Dr. Abhinandan Bhardwaj PhD

                                 Think global - act local. "Think Global" means think about the environmental problems such as Global Warming and Climate Change at a global level and think how they are affecting the fragile environment of Earth as a whole. Think how, due to continued uncontrolled human actions, such as indiscriminate use of fossil fuels, use of coal and oil for energy production, and indiscriminate growth of industrialization, urbanization and deforestation has been contributing to present day environmental problems. Our past and present actions has brought us to the brink of major global climatic disasters. We have reached to a point where our own survival is under threat.

You might feel concerned about these problems and want to do something about it but often feel helpless and may think that these problems can only be resolved in labs by scientists or by Governments or might have questioned yourself, of how?  How can I help?.. and struggled for an answer, but answer lies right there... and answer is that every one of us in fact can help to save this planet. We just need to start the action and action starts right at our home, our office and our communities. "Act local" in the phrase exactly means that - that we need to start it local and start it right at our home. Then we need to talk about it to our family members, our friends and our neighbors and our colleagues in the offices, and  our communities. If we do all of this then we have already started helping in a big way. This will lead our action from local to regional and regional to national and from national to global level. And that is exactly what is needed now, as time is passing by quickly and if we don't act now then it will be too late.  But it can only happen if  we take individual responsibility of making sure that every one of us are doing what needs to be done right at our home and wherever we interact, as if every one of us does what needs to be done sincerely, then all of these problems can be reversed and earth can be brought back to its normal state.

Please follow the following guidelines at home:

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* Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of normal light bulbs. You will save on both your home electricity bill and help save the environment. Look for ENERGY STAR recommended items. CFL bulbs consumes 60% less energy than normal bulbs. Only problem with CFL bulbs is the use of mercury and needs to be  handled and recycled properly after use.

The best bulb or "a new generation bulb" is on its way and its called "LED" bulb.  LED bulbs has long been used for traffic signals but now manufacturer called Pharox is making them for home use as well. It has no mercury and its a super energy saver and environmental friendly.  Only problem is that technology is still in budding stage and they could only come up with 40 watts bulb as of now which costs about $39.99. The best thing is that it only consumes 4 watts of power. Company claims that they are soon going to launch 60 watt LED bulb which will be available in the markets across North America soon. Until LED takes over its advisable to use CFL bulbs keeping in mind proper recycling after the use.

*Always heat up your home very wisely in the winter.  Turn down the heat as much as you can. Heating and air conditioning uses most of the energy at homes. You should use thermostat which can be programmed so as to reduce your energy consumption at home.

* Think about alternate sources of energy. A growing number of utilities generate electricity from renewable energy sources such as  solar cells, windmills etc. Think about using alternate clean energies.

*Biking or Walking instead of using car: This is beneficial to both environment and your health. Bike or walk to your work instead of driving a car. Cars and trucks uses fossil fuels which in turn produce carbon dioxide and release it into the atmosphere, which in turn result in greenhouse gas build up in the atmosphere and causes global warming. Minimizing the use of automobile can reduce the green house gas emissions drastically.

* Minimize your flying as much as possible. For office meetings or for vacationing always think twice before you fly. For example in case of vacationing always think if it can be done locally? or nearby places? If itís a office meeting, then think if it can be done over the telephone or videoconference. This way you will save time, money, and environment. Jet plane engines pump carbon emissions way too much than any other transportation medium and can add up to 12 percent of transportation sector emissions. Use of airplane is one of the worst thing for the environment.

* If you shop please do not use plastic bags to buy groceries or any other items. Instead use reusable cloth bags. This will help reduce the use of plastic bags. Always remember that it can take more than a 1000 year for one plastic bag to get recycled if its left outside in the nature.

* Always remember 3Rís. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Also always use recycled products. Products made from recycled paper, glass, metal and plastic reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from completely new materials. Always think of reducing the amount of paper, metal, plastic or metal at home. And always try to reuse the stuff you have at home.  Always collect and dispose of all your home garbage in different bins, for recycling at home tips Click here..

* Always check your tire pressure and  Inflate your tires if needed. If your car tires are fully inflated you will not only get better gas mileage but also will burn less gas and emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

* Always make sure that you do not cut any tree around your house or anywhere. Trees are life line for controlling this planet from heating up. Help plant as many trees as you can. Trees help us in many ways. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen which we including all animals breath. Trees help us in numerous ways such as they cool down the temperature, stabilizes soil, provide shade, helps in rains, help us make paper, medicine and variety of other products and provide us delicious fruits.


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