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Tsunami Tips




Before a Tsunami
Getting ready before a tsunami strikes will help you save your life.

If you live in a coastal area, and if a high magnitude earthquake strikes, after the earthquake is over, check immediately  with your municipality or council about the level of risk of a tsunami formation in your region. Tsunami can reach the shore line in minutes and its important to leave immediately. Sometime tsunamis can travel hundred of miles away from the epicenter of an earthquake or volcanic activity, so its important to find out for tsunami warming even if such activity  has occurred hundreds of miles away from your region. But most importantly do not wait if you think there could be tsunami from the earthquake you experienced or if there is a tsunami warming in effect for your area.

Always be attentive and listen to any warming or announcement on your radio for tsunami.

If its confirmed that there is Tsunami warning leave your home immediately  with your survival kit and look for a high ground. The high ground needs to be more than at least 40 meters high than the sea level.

If you are investing or building in a coastal region, do your research about  the region if it has history of tsunami or high magnitude earthquakes. If it does you need to be closer to high ground place which is about 40 meters high and easily accessible. Your house should be earthquake proof.

After a tsunami
Listen to the radio or TV for the advice.
Do not go down to the sea until you have been told it is safe to do so.

Confirm with your local municipality or emergency services if its ok to return back to your home.




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