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Green Technologies

Embracing green technologies is one of the solution to cut green house gas emissions. The major source of green house gas emissions are automobiles, and if we can adapt and embrace new technologies which help save the environment we will be able to do our part in much better way. Here are examples of some of the green tech available in auto world today.


As oil prices are surging we are obliged to think green and embrace green technologies which not only will save us dollars in the long run but are environmental friendly as well. Answer lies in alternate sources of fuel and energy. Here are few suggestions about but we should look for when buying our next car. Electric cars are the best for environment but as technology is new at the moment so their prices are higher than regular or hybrid cars.

Electric Cars  An electric car utilizes electric motors instead of an internal combustion engine. The electric power is supplied from the battery packs in the vehicle.
Many companies are coming forward to develop such vehicles such as GM, Toyota, Honda, etc.


GM's Chevrolet Volt:
 The Chevrolet Volt  a plug-in electric car that successfully combines stylish design cues with innovative fuel-saving technologies. For Canadians who typically drive 65 km or less per day, this rechargeable plug in vehicle can cut out trips to the gas station altogether.

Tesla Roadster: This car is one of the best electric vehicle manufactured thus far. Its available now but it cost little more than $100,000. This car can be the real winner if its mass produced and price drops. The founder Martine Eberhard is considered to be Henry Ford in making.

Hybrid Cars: In a hybrid car common power sources  are

 1) on-board rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) and a fueled power source (internal combustion engine or fuel cell).

2) Air engine and internal combustion engines

There are several car manufacturer offering hybrid vehicles now, such as GM, Ford,  Toyota, Honda to name a few. Hybrid cars are better than regular vehicle as they emit way less green house gases than their fossil fuel drinker cousins.

Toyota Pruis: This four-door sedan seats five, and the powertrain can accelerate the car to speeds up to 15 mph (24 kph) on its electric power alone. This design contributes to the Pruis’ superior city mileage as compared to its highway mileage. The Pruis drives a respectable 650 miles between fuel stops. For these reasons and more, the Prius was named the 2004 North American Car of the Year.

Green Homes & Other Green Technologies
What we do at our homes is major part of present day environmental crises. If we make small changes at home it can help us save money and help the environment. Learn about how to make you home green click here

Solar Powered Home:

Consider buying a home which have solar cell roofs. You can say good by to electricity bill if you live in an area where there is plenty of sun light such as Florida or California. These houses may be little expensive to buy but you save lot of money in the end and most importantly help the environment.

Solar Powered Boat:

Concept boat by French designer Jonathan Mahieddine. This boat incorporates solar power and human power. There's a sun deck and easy-dive access. This boat uses both peddles and solar energy to cruise. If you tired of peddling you can switch it solar powered electricity and cruise back home.

Solar Powered bike

The E-V Sunny Solar Bicycle is made up of has two solar panels in its wheels. These solar cells constantly charge the batteries. You can easily switch between peddling or battery power while biking.




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