As global citizens its our responsibility at Individual, Collective, Government or Corporate level to help "Save Earth" before its too late

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Our Mission


Our Mission at's is to support and encourage public awareness about present environmental crises and support research and educational activities in the field of most intriguing global  and regional environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, air pollution, water pollution and many many more . We at's want to reach to every citizen in each country around the Globe and generate mass public awareness  about the sad state of our environment due to our uncontrolled, indiscriminate actions, suggest solutions, and encourage research in the field of environmental research. Most importantly we want to spread the message that every individual no matter how rich or poor he or she may be can contribute as a global citizen to save this planet. We thank every one who believe in what we believe..... Let us save the Earth together and say proudly "i  Save  Earth" every day.

           THINK GLOBAL -  ACT LOCAL    

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